Homeless Shelter & Comprehensive Rehabilitative Services for Childless Women

"I had never been in a shelter before, and I was terrified. But all the ladies who were residents, were so sweet. They made me feel as though I was home, for which I was extremely grateful. Praises to the skies for your staff and residents for making my first 'shelter' experience a good one. I would recommend your facility to any woman who needs help!"

Who We Serve

Samaritan House provides temporary shelter and rehabilitative services to homeless women suffering from substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS and those just out of prison on parole.

Why There Is A Need

  • Westchester County’s homeless rate is twice that of New York City.
  • An average of 1500 domestic violence crimes against women are reported annually in Westchester County according to the Westchester County Office of Criminal Justice Services.

The Program

Samaritan House was originally founded as a family shelter in 1978 in response to the "silent" and "secret" problem of homelessness in Westchester County. As awareness of the homeless problem grew and more services became available to this population, the program transitioned to become a shelter and program of rehabilitation for women only.

Today, the 19-bed shelter provides comprehensive services as well as individualized treatment for women suffering from substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS.

Each resident receives ongoing case management while in the shelter to ensure that they receive the best mix of treatment options. Follow-up services and advocacy are also provided after discharge.

During their stay, women share a room with one or two other residents and receive free morning and evening meals. The objective is to move women back to the community and into more permanent living quarters as quickly as possible.

While in the shelter, the women are closely supervised to ensure that they keep appointments with medical doctors and therapists, attend mandated recovery programs, keep court appointments, visit children and families and look for jobs.

Samaritan House also assists an average of 6-10 emergency clients each evening.  Emergency clients are provided with overnight shelter, clothing, toiletries, breakfast, snacks and referrals.

GCCC staff repeatedly hear from residents who have spent time in other Westchester County shelters, that Samaritan House is much homier and more comfortable than other shelters and that our staff is more compassionate and supportive.  Clients feel they are treated like valued human beings at Samaritan House and, as a result, they develop an increased belief in their self-worth and make more progress in dealing with their problems.

Samaritan House prides itself on the number of women who have successfully been discharged from our program and have gone on to lead stable and productive lives.

Samaritan House is supervised around the clock by our trained, competent and qualified staff of 20. The staff consists of the director, the client care workers, supervisor/senior case managers, a case manager and one case manager trainee, the food supervisor, the administrative assistant, counselors and client care workers.

Our Location

Grace Church Parish House,
33 Church Street, White Plains, NY

How You Can Help

You can help by making a financial donation or by donating:

  • new underwear, socks, slippers, pajamas, winter scarves, gloves, hats
  • toiletries and personal items
  • food which can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • gift certificates from major supermarkets which can be used to purchase food
  • new linens and towels to assist residents ready to move back to the community

Contact the Director

Shelter Manager: Deborah Williams
Phone: (914) 948-3075

To make an in-kind donation please contact:

Nancy Inzinna
Phone: (914) 949-3098 x 9735


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